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Using nothing more than "Nature's Palette" to create truly "affordable art"

Muddy Wellies "Midge & Thistle" canvas Muddy Wellies "Sunart & Carna" canvas Muddy Wellies "Stirling" canvas Muddy Wellies "Colonsay" canvas Muddy Wellies "Outlander" canvas

Brand NEW

Beautifully Crafted Large A2 Canvas

Muddy Wellies Collection of Beautiful A2 Canvases are a fusion of Photograph with digital overlays, each Picture takes many hours of painstaking digital painting over the original photograph taken by "Muddy Wellies".

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Handmade in Britain with love

I believe that the same care and attention to detail should be taken when producing every single piece of artwork. Each Canvas is made by hand to order, using British craftspeople and British materials. For example we only use real wood in our canvas frames. I'm proud to say "Made in Britain"