Pet Portraits



£50 instead of £75        2 pets £75 instead of £99    3 pets £99 instead of £15

P&P £3.99 rolled in a tube with acid free tissue paper


A4  (8 x 12")  Canvas - £100 each canvas plus £50 per extra pet

A3 (12 x 16")  Canvas - £150 each canvas plus £50 per extra pet

A2 (16 X 24") Canvas - £250 each canvas plus £75 per extra pet

A1 (24 X 33")  Canvas - £350 each canvas plus £75 per extra pet

Deposit of £25 needed to secure the order and balance required only once you're completely happy with the painting.

Please send photos to 


'Highly recommended. Just had a pet portrait done of my beloved dog & cat. Helen communicated throughout the process to ensure I was happy with the portrait. The end result is absolutely beautiful.' Dawn Willmott

'You have captured Misty Moo spectacularly. So so pleased and you are highly recommended' Amanda Bolderson

'Perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Brings a year to my eye.
Thank you' Julie Wilmott 

 'My Chester... painted by the very talented Helen Clark.... Helen worked painstakingly on the final effect until I was happy... great communication throughout.' Helen Langley

 Helen will transform your own photograph into a work of art, hand painting every detail by hand on her beloved Ipad Pro.Using the magic of digital painting Helen can complete commissions with as much love and affection as the traditional way of painting, not needing the time to wait for layers to dry which used to take days. 



With over 100 brushes to choose from Helen will utilise her tremendous skills to perfect the soul, emotion, character of your beloved pet/person and show you as she goes along the various stages if you wish of how your painting is progressing.

 Helen can only interpret the painting from the photograph you provide so it is VERY IMPORTANT you take the time to choose the photograph for her to paint. What she sees she can only paint. Helen needs a good close up of the face, no red eye and taken in a well lit environment if possible. 

  A suitable background to complement is always left to the artist's own interpretation as too much detail in the background will detract from the subject. Usually Helen will use the dreamy quality, as we have in the below painted version, to complement each animal

Once completed Helen will email a picture of the painting to ensure you're totally happy with it before final payment is taken and it is shipped to you direct from the printers. 

   £25 deposit required to book with the balance due on completion - but only after you are completely happy with the painting and agree it. Once the balance payment is made, refunds are not available from this point onwards